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January 21, 2012



Lunchbox @ The Wheatsheaf


Darker nights are looming fast, means Hashers not turning out in big numbers. Just a smattering of ten hardy souls tonight, nine of them men……surprise surprise even though a lovely clear night for running. Great to see Daffy & Little Bear back with us again this week cheery as always, bless them. Lunchbox did his job well, tricking us when we thought we were going into Nonsuch Park, and on virtually every other clever check too, the pesky varmint! Much checking by all, otherwise, here till next Tuesday!


Did you know ?......The Little Park of Nonsuch   as Henry VIII used to call it, in the 1540’s, was his personal deer hunting park. The Wheatsheaf pub has stood on this site, opposite the Hogs Mill river since….wait for it……..1456……only 555 years ago!! On on, till our next visit to this cosy little nook.   



Glasshopper @ The Queen’s Head, Byfleet


Virgin moon, virgin hare, virgin trail, virgin on the amazing. If Glasshopper’s trail was not 100% intact at least the bits that mattered had been sealed in the memory by the passage of time, enough to get even Worzel to admit he’d never done some bits before. Admittedly the slog along the canal was a bit of a - well - slog but in deference to our friends across the Channel, that supreme body, the Commission, has seen fit to designate it as part of the UK’s Grand Routier long distance walk so it must be attractive. The roar of the M25 was replaced by roars of frustration from Wazzer, incensed by the lack of checking and calling. With a general purpose re-established, the trail moved towards more tranquil areas of the Wey waterways. Past Wey Moor Farm, a death defying railway crossing and then to the placid banks of the Wey River, with forays onto the airfield and back to the pub. A couple of good back checks kept the pack integrated, more or less, and all were back within 1 ¼ hours. Good timing, good venue, good run.  An ovation for the hare, or was that for the seeming limitless flow of chips that seemed to just keep coming. Great stuff.


And a footnote on the business of scribing. As everybody knows, our regular Scribe, exhausted by his labours, has retreated to Bangkok for a renovating period of S & R, first ensuring that Another would carry on his good work. Although, for some, the burdens of office fit easily on their shoulders, for others that burden is too much. Sadly, Ding a Ling’s appointed stand-in has been found wanting, falling not only at the first hurdle but the second as well. The hour came but the man failed.



Pig Pen @ The Wheatsheaf


Dark, cold and dry. That was the scene. Worzel & Calamity were confident enough to stroll up at ten past eight.  Sausage just strolled around all night. And there were three visitors, local blondes, who apparently do it which ever hash they fancy.  Lucky WH3 tonight.  I said to Pig-Pen as he was marking through, "How did you set this?  It all looks the same in the dark.  I have no idea where I am."  He replied, "Between you and me, neither do I".  Just typical.  But for all that, a well set & conducted trail, kept all together and back in 1 hour and 1/4.

Dark, cold and flat. That was the beer.  Ringwood was the pick of a very ordinary bunch.  The pub?  Well, possibly popular only because of the eye candy.

Dark, well hung and in a flasher's mac.  That was 'Ardon arriving late, straight from a Rotarians meeting, complete with brass chain regalia ... and a Santa's hat!  Ridiculous.



Tight Git @ The Eight Bells


Well, a jolly festive gathering of Hashers turned up for this Tight Git special…. Nonsuch Park, and a goodly mixture of many footpaths, and alleys took us Every which way but loose, I think we renewed the local A – Z.  A cracking run, in which we lost nobody this week. Sausage was missed, but All Up Front was keenly asking Ding a Ling, …..Where is your Thai bride? and Wasser feigned interest in the exotic photographs of Ding’s trip to Asia.


Only Pig Pen was afforded the luxury of a detailed viewing of Thailand. Tight Git’s missus Louise, very kindly upped the ante, with delicious offerings of warm mince pies, and piping hot mulled wine, with fruit bits as we stopped off at their house, just short of the pub. Festive fayre, as it should be……..delightfully kind of them, again! Great to celebrate Spanish Mistress’s 50th BIRTHDAY!   no you cry, I know, I thought she was forty. A fabulous Chocolate cake cooked by the famous lady herself was shared by all, and Wasser was surprisingly complimentary, a weak moment for sure. On On to the next special night next week.



Butt Plug @ The Lass


A real festive frolic for all Hashers, and guests. We had a long haul visitor, Bondi from Sydney, just arrived and a short haul one from nearby Ham, Airhead, both very welcome! Spanish Mistress’s sister arrived from Melbourne, but deemed it too cold to come out, soft eh ? Graham and his wife joined us , with their friendly dog Max.  Butt Plug created a super trail to his usual high standards, alleys and off into Richmond Park straight away, we set off into Winter wonderland in the dark with a stroll through Sidmouth Wood, a nice canopy of small trees to run through.


We managed to disturb a large group of Fallow Deer, on our journey, who had bedded down for the night, till Weybridge Hashers arrived! Canary Wharf, in central London was all lit up, 12 miles away for all to see. Now, as we left the park, near Petersham Nurseries, Mother Brown & Call Girl had very kindly helped Butt Plug lay on delicious hot mulled wine and mince pies.….yummie!   Delicious Christmas fayre!  The pub was very warm and cosy too. MERRY CHRISTMAS, one and All ! xx



Spanish Mistress and Mark @ The Four Horseshoes


A right festive shindig this was, all and sundry turned up! We had Naked chef’s sister Claire and her brave six year old Charlotte trying to avoid the sharp bracken and heather, not easy for one so young. Then Ding a Ling ran past Ruth, and her daughter with a buggy pushing a baby just three weeks, two days old……..yes, tis true, AND she made it round the very muddy difficult terrain of Chobham Common, without getting marooned!!  Amazingly well done! No Nookie returned to us from Surrey Hash, and friend Belcher, who did………apparently his best friend’s Mum taught him to do it when he was a young lad, and now he can’t stop, poor frog!  Peter, aka. Dr Death tuned out for this one, due to the very mild weather, and proceeded to fall into a particularly sharp gorse bush, with painful results. A certain Mr Cunningham also joined us, got lost but then denied it, a right good expert on good local trails though…..


All Up Front and Simon, showed us the way around the Common, even guys with radio controlled planes were out practicing their diving skills, on us it felt like…. Gary…aka Marco Van Basten was pushing those limbs, even dragging his son Charlie out of bed to have fun on our latest Weybridge Special!  Golden Balls too made a rare visit, working he says keeps him inside, he was out on parole for the day.  Afters…….well a right royal picnic was had round the green, vegetable ratatouille, a selection of breads and cheeses, juices, choc chip fudges….yummie and much more was gorged by all, before the cold air ushered us into the pub. A fitting end to a jolly year with Weybridge Hashers as your hosts!    See you very soon…..HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL!


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