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May 31, 2011



Golden Balls @ The Jolly Farmer


What an extravaganza tonight, GB took eighteen of us onto Whitmoor Common, a local nature reserve, and treated us to the delights of all the flora and fauna….and all in the dark!   Enough said….


We were scampering around the bracken beneath the tree canopies, fortunately no monkeys came leaping out of the trees, flour was aplenty though.  We checked everywhere, and bar climbing trees were rewarded with an On In trail!  The pub was a welcoming Fuller’s hostelry, and nice staff shoved bowls of hot chips under our noses, what a treat!  GB this may have been your first run set for the Weybridge elite, but it most definitely will not be your last! On On!



Tosser @ The Sir Douglas Haig


Superb area for Weybridge Hashers, many footpaths alongside ancient woodland, forests and farmers fields aplenty. Quality terrain abounds round here, and we were treated to most of it, excellent job Tosser!  Ding a Ling brought his very good friend Alanah along, and Golden Balls could not wait to get the jibes in, oh well each to their own.


A healthy pace was created, and accidentally the pack was split in two, I thought they had got lost!  Ding a Ling saw a bare breasted lady on the footpath between two lakes!  There’s more to this than meets the eye….eh erm...more later.  Pub bound with aching limbs, forest boy Steve was willing to lose his beard for the vampish black haired young barmaid and testosterone filled the air.  GB offered himself as our Pimp, and told her, subtlety obviously not his strongpoint, job lost.


Thanks for the chunky chips Tosser, much appreciated, even with surging female distractions, plus 2 women’s Committee meetings encircling us.  Nice pub, we will be back



Pig Pen @ The Saddlers Arms


Some lovely surprises tonight, dear special friends back with us again, Mother Brown safely flown from Melbourne, for a four month stint, delighted!  Also, lovely Kate, good to see her on trail, hopefully on many more!  Smiling Spanish Mistress and Mark too, ideal sauce on the barbecue, verbally speaking of course.


Pig Pen set a wonderful intricate trail, across every farm and field in site, not many animals on view, surprisingly, but superb Hashing terrain.  We were tricked at every check, clever stuff; he just needs to gather a few pennies together for more flour!  Call Girl, happily back in the fold, after being left behind last week, out on trail please note…


Here’s to the lighter evenings, with no torches very soon.


Come and join us …………the more the merrier!



Ruth & Alan @ The Rose and Crown


A good location for a Hash, and our Hares set us off on a lovely route that did not disappoint, taking in giant trees on private estates, past luxury nursing homes…..oh Matron!  Where’s a Spanish Mistress when you want one?


We tried hard to stay together, but as you know, we all run at a diff rate of knots but all was well, and we came in together …..ish, tired but invigorated.  Then, into our Hostelry which dates back to 1460, so there!  Certainly, a foodie pub to return to for a special dinner.


Well done Ruth & Alan, lots of flour, and a cracking trail, which Butt Plug managed to run all on his own, after arriving late. Good to see Cathy back with us, her energy always missed when she is not around. 



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