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September 28, 2010



Run 1375

Pig Pen @ The Wheatsheaf


Nice setting with the green in front of us, as all confused.com wondered where the off was… ’blanking find it’ said the Hare!  Yes, Horsell Common it was, an ideal location for our dizzy band of happy Hashers eager for some dinosaur hunting in the woods?


A few visitors from before, back with us again, Call Girl and her friend Squash Balls……careful……it is not tennis you know.  Wazzer and Tosser were supremely gifted tonight, using their powers from ‘Twilight’ the movie to suddenly appear 400 yds ahead of where we were? How did they do that? Why do people live in Woking? Apart from the woods, there is…….what?  Anyway, Pig Pen worked hard to light up signposts, by standing underneath them with his torch on his head, encouraging hashers to go down dark alleys, as is his custom. Trail was cleverly kept in the green stuff but no pixies popped up to welcome us. There’s always next time!


Run 1376

Lunchbox @ The Fox


Well, a rare night being light on Hashers, just the Magnificent Seven to experience a chilly autumnal evening, amongst the oak, ash, birch and cherry trees.  Lunchbox took us into the ancient woodland of Rydons Wood, and Merlewood Near and Merlewood Far, as we seemed to go round and round, and then down Dale, and right down into Happy Valley in the dark, which is in the borough of Croydon, not a soul to be seen or a sound to be heard, except us, eerie indeed.


Great terrain, up 66 wooden steps, and then through some more woodland, excellent.  Sir Raymond joined us tonight, very welcome, not seen him since Friday Street 2 years ago, plus Belgrano a local resident, Little Bear not keen on the cows and Daffy, plus Naked Chef and Ding a Ling joined Lunch Box on this delightful run through the dark, cleverly set, with much checking done by all.  The 20 miles to Anglo Saxon Coulsdon Common was worth it, a friendly but deserted pub (An Ale House since 1720) due to England playing, and barmaids from Poland to boot! Lunch Box scores here!


Run 1378

Naked Chef @ Marney Village Inn


Nature decided to rain down upon us as we arrived for this delightful location overlooking the pond and golf course. Naked Chef laid on a superb trail into Littleworth Common, as we avoided jumping frogs on the footpaths, and snails eating the flour too.  We never did quite know where we were going on this dark blustery eve, tricked at every turn but what fun it was!


It was great to see some favourites back from sunny climes, Spanish Mistress & Mark brought Sam the dog, and Claire brought Arnie too, Knickers arrived from the airport, no…just London this time.  Sarah was back to her best, sprinting to the finish, no less!  Whilst standing outside the pub under the heated lamps, Claire was spotted seated in front of a sign, ‘No Asses beyond this point’…so Ding a Ling reminded her, and suddenly a pose was struck for the camera!  Mark was heard to say ‘Sex and Heat’ not quite sure where he was going with that one ……Linda will advise us.  Ruth glammed up in pink, very fetching and Alan overdressed for once, unrecognisable.  Little Bear was seen running with her flashing Dog Collar with 4 red lights, some cheeky chappy said ‘ one more light and you can start a Grand Prix’……or perhaps she is earning money for a new carpet, and underlay!!  Mother Brown just back from a dream holiday, wait for it, Amsterdam to Budapest…..rivers and canals all the way check it out…….A Super night for all Weybridge Hashers and Friends.


Run 1379

Spanish Mistress & Mark @ The White Hart


As the Haress pointed out, when Venus is in the ascendency, the moon is full, the Tiger Year is at is peak and Virgo is in the House of Aries, all the augeries are good. We were not disappointed. Off the tarmac and onto the good stuff about as fast as you could get. A treat of a run on Pirbright Common skirting the ranges with some good checks to keep the pack together. But the omens were not so easily interpreted for the selection of drinking venue.  To be at the White Hart (a bit too Posh) or to be at the Cricketers?  That was the question.  Whether 'tis nobler to stay at the advertised venue or pop off somewhere else after using their car park?  Well, the pack had no compunction about it. Off to the Cricketers. Unfortunately, latecomer Ding-a-Ling's crystal ball clouded, or his principles left him in solitary splendour in the White Hart.  At the Cricketers, we found a quiet lounge bar and made it very noisy.  The publican was so welcoming he put on chips for us.  Very generous, Linda, thank you.  Newcomer Tea Boy and his virgin mate (both deckies from Joe Shell - or Shell Tankers to the uninitiated) had no problem with the run but failed in their other objective of latching on to a bit of totty. Come on WH3! Worzel was first in of the runners...boring


Run 1380

Mother Brown @ The Red Lion


Another hearty gathering of souls tonight as the air chills, and the dark envelops us.  New Hashers Murray and Lee from last week joined us again.  Murray particularly keen, as he gave blood only a few hours earlier!  Sue and Lisa also returned to the fold, smiling as always. Well Mother Brown turned it on tonight, a real Harry Potter trail, all we needed was a few wizards and goblins to pop out and surprise us as we covered every field, stile and tree covered pathway in sight looking for more flour, which was aplenty.


Another interesting new runner joined us, Desi does, well I can’t speak for her but she was keen………to know every command we shouted out, another regular I suspect in our midst.  The lady in the Red Lion smothered us with chunky chips, much needed after our nippy evening in the blackness. On On to the next MB, a top trail !



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