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August 24, 2010



Run 1370

Tosser @ The Young Street Car Park


Surprises galore tonight, runners appeared from every nook and cranny tonight to join us!  Honourable Horn.  Piercey, aka Tequil’Over appeared miraculously with Horn in hand, and Roman sandals too.  Andy arrived with tanned Debbie and kids Ben and Will, gamely climbing every hilltop, even on one foot for poor Ben! On , on up, it certainly was through the woods of the famous Norbury Park Estate which was formed in 1475, and even dates back to 1086 when the ‘”Druids Grove” of yew trees was mentioned in The Doomsday Book!  Steeped in history indeed, as we gasped our way over logs, and tree stumps and past saw mills. Ships in the night joined us in the form of Belgrano, and poor Fish and Chips even turned up without her socks!


Marco Van Basten aka Gary arrived in orange with Charlie in tow, trying his first trail, well done, great to see you both.  A Feast to celebrate in yonder meadow, cheese and bread, ale and cakes were quaffed.  Some designer runners were spied strutting their stuff, puffing out their white or black chests with glee.  Fly by Nite needs to get the hang of arriving in time for the run.  Spanish Mistress brought some tasty Carrot cake, oh yummie said Pooh Bear or was it Ding a Ling , who was also seen trying to get a leg up onto Claire?  Tosser you did us proud, a super trail and super tucker too, bravo as only he would say. All enjoyed by another large pack, 22 wise souls coming out for Summer pleasure, here’s to the next run.  


Run 1371

TT @ The Chequers, Chequers Lane KT20 7SF


Well, yet more new Hashers arriving, the word is spreading; happiness starts with Weybridge Hash House Harriers!  Tent Tester aka Sarah created a lovely meandering route round Walton Heath, and surrounding woodlands, skirting the famous Walton Heath Golf Club which hosted the Ryder Cup in 1981 with Jack Nicklaus and Tony Jacklin.


Her friendly son James was very helpful to the pack as they careered here and there, these rugby players at 11 you know, Capt Smash’em I am going to call him, good lad.  Fish and Chips brought Felicity to the party, Gary and Charlie brought young Ben for his first Hash with us, he did well, if a bit tired.  It was great to see Colin back with us, not seen for a year, he does live almost 100 miles away and we welcome you back anytime.


More surprises after we finished, into the car park strolls Lunchbox, a little late but just finished the run, looking super fit these days, and three stone lighter, hey, hey, it’s a good look.  Chips on wooden platters with ketchup did follow, eagerly munched up by most.  Let’s keep this lovely Summer rolling for another couple of months, it has been good eh?


Run 1372

DingaLing @ The Adelaide


A wet night in Henry the Eighth’s back garden, numbers swelled again, as a chattering pack set off looking for the off towards Bushy Park. A side entrance was found, and into the ferns we went.


Many checks were used to keep the pack together, the wildlife of 2 hours before had all but gone to sleep, but we were treated to a Heron by a stream, and a few deer still sipping their cocoa, before bed!  The Diana Fountain is now all restored, resplendent in gold, and the circular pond now suitably full of water again. The Statue originally stood in the grounds of Somerset House, and was designed for King Charles the First in 1630, before being moved to Bushy Park by Sir Christopher Wren in the Eighteenth century.  The run took us all round the park, as we would have hoped, then The Adelaide welcomed us with open arms, chips and all, a delight!


Run 1373

Morris @ The Bulls Head


Another merry band of intrepid hashers gathered eagerly , high on Newlands Corner, near Guildford for quite a tortuous up and downer, ideal work out for many overlooking the North Downs, and part of the Pilgrim’s Way from Winchester to Canterbury.  Visitors included dear John, school friend of Mother Brown, the lovely ‘St Lucia’ and ‘Airport’ and the clever daughter Georgina!  Plus The Pro …aka Stuart joined us again from Surrey Hash.  We had a lone biker, who enlivened the evening with some choice phrases, as we were climbing the steep roots up to St Martha’s Hill to the Church on high, he was heard to say, ‘Oh I have never been down so far ‘.  Well indeed, and that was followed with…….’The last time I came up here was with a pack of Llamas’ …..and do you know I believe him to be true !


The sandy terrain sucked our limbs dry, but the interesting route kept our spirits high.  Gary and Ben continued their adventures with us, the father at some risk to his undercarriage jumping onto roads from 6 feet up at least!  Morris is to be congratulated on a Robin Hood of a trail, saving his good fortune by not getting lost whilst setting it!  He was rewarded with a pint of Shere Drop from Surrey Hills Brewery…On On… as the darkness enveloped us for the first time…….


Run 1374

The Great Bear @ The Foley Arms


Another hearty gathering of intrepid souls turned up for our latest root jumping run through the woods either side of the A3.


We set off over the railway bridge and straight into familiar territory weaving between farmland and nice pockets of forest, which we love.  Visitors tonight, well Fish and Chips brought ‘Lord Lucan’   sorry Lorcan, all the way from Ireland, originally by name anyway, very friendly chap.


Fat Bastard arrived too, but I was unable to listen to any of his usual sharp humour.  Wazzer was good to see with us again, back from Florida, but had difficulty after the run finding his car, must be the crisp Autumn air!  A polite gentleman told one of our racy ladies in red, ‘once my leg gets better, I will be up with you’ …… Now there’s an offer!  We think Great Bear set a clever intricate trail all the way, including woodland at every opportunity, excellent job GB!


The Foley afterwards, we turned into our lounge, it looks unchanged.  Determined Agent Provocateur arrived in the pub, regaling us with tales of adventure from Oxshott Station, perhaps a little far from the run, unfortunately for him, Claygate station was not possible. 




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