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June 19 2012



Ruth & Alan @ The Coach and Horses


A merry band of chattering runners turned up on the hottest night of the year so far. The ‘Babes in The Wood ‘ girls were back, very pleased to see you again Sue & Lisa plus Josh, Thea & Adie all racing along, sprinting each other. Belinda & Anthea returned too, getting keen eh? Indeed they were! We spent the evening running round lakes and a golf course, worse things have happened at sea, lucky us …


The Trail was well set, checks were not always easy to find, so held the pack up nicely, but enthusiasm got the better of us, and we romped home, just shy of nine o’clock, early bird stuff for us!  Alan & Ruth also surprised us en route……Did you see the green Loch Ness monster on the fence? Plus the giant white dovecot….a structure for housing domesticated pigeons……I ask you…we get the lot round here. Hash chips were the order of the night……very welcome too, for our hot and bothered happy runners! Much laughter and chatter carried on and on………On…On !



Lunchbox @ The Cricketers


Nice big Summer pack for this proper run round The woods, as ‘tis Lunchbox, a golden Hare! We were given the delights of Ashtead Common to scamper round with all our degrees of enthusiasm, as humidity crept up on us. No barking dogs, Llamas or sheep to contend with round here Not even some pedigree horses, as we are on The Derby racecourse’s back doorstep. Where were the stables, neatly hidden me thinks. Visiting Guests tonight, were Frank, also Mary the whirlwind from North Hants HHH and Tent Tester Sarah, good to see them all again!


Lunchbox was supreme in his checks, Mary said he did 7 on the trot, all were WRONG. Ashtead Common was lovely, as long as you watched the roots, our illustrious Naked Chef came a cropper, bruised only, thank goodness…. Ashtead used to be called ‘Stede’ in the Domesday book, and in 1663 Samuel Pepys mentioned Epsom a few times, when he came back to stay here, having actually lived in Ashtead as a boy.  Excitement grows….as our Right Royal Romp….to celebrate Her Madge is next Tuesday at 2pm, do not miss it!!



Naked Chef @ The Prince of Wales                                        Right Royal Romp


Our Right Royal Romp mirrored the Queen’s river Pageant on Sunday. Cloudy, wet day with more to come. But did we care, did we ‘eck! A glorious gathering of runners, young and old turned up for this very special day, a double Gazebo was put up to protect all the food beautifully laid out by Sue, thank you! We scampered off into the woods, as the clouds threatened, we enjoyed the wild woods of Esher Commons , and a lot of them there are too.


Many visitors today, Adele, Carla, Remi & Geoff, plus Sarah & her daughter Charlotte, Ruth and Alan brought their lovely grandson in a pushchair, on the run! Yes, true….. Neil and Pat brought Stuart and Matt, plus Simon’s wife Charlie brought their two lovely little boys Henry and Thomas.  Giles's wife Louise and the boys, delightful. Other visitors too, forgive me, plus we had our own Queen Louise, with crown on show! The rain conveniently pelted down as we were finishing our run, and we gorged ourselves silly. Food was oh, what a sight, the biggest Cornish cream teas you ever did see, with giant fresh scones, and yummy jam and a bowl of cream!


New York vanilla cheesecake with summer fruits in Union Jack colours, mmm and lovely cakes in red, white and blue. Sandwiches galore with Lincolnshire sausage rolls and even strawberries. Lashings of hot tea, red wine and ginger beer to wash it all down with … what more could you want?  Many Thanks to all our cooks! Did you know?  The Black Pond we ran by, was in fact a municipal swimming pool back in 1952 just as our great Queen Elizabeth came to the throne!  Three Cheers for Her Majesty….Hip Hip Hooray!



The Great Bear & Simon @ Stephen Langton Pub


It is always amazing, just the journey through the woods to get here. The gnarled twisted trees lining the route, almost granting you permission to pass on by. Well, tonight was special, all through the wooded hills of The Wotton Estate 300 glorious acres held by one family since 1694! We trekked up and down hills, and there was shiggy galore, I heard shrieks of anguish as people would lose their footing again and again, but we all made it round. Mary joined up again from North Hants, even though he was not that well.


Spanish Mistress and Mark the Carpenter were gambolling round, full of beans! Great Bear was at it too ….. You almost thought the trees might speak to us, but they never did, just felt like we were in a very ancient place. The ladies in the Stephan Langton pub and restaurant were eager to serve us. Marissa was hoping we ordered some food, so was I, but we didn’t this time. Note to self …..must come back.


Two dogs at the bar, black lab not so friendly, but Golden retriever was great eager for any scraps we left Menu board states … Doggie Treats £1.50 …ask at the bar for flavours……I ask You ?? more tea Vicar .002EHere’s to the next time !   Cheers



Headleys Hounds @ The Stables                                             AGM


A mass of enthusiastic runners turned up for our famous Summer Solstice run, longest day on Thursday. Or was it really they just wanted to eat all Lesley & Chris’s food afterwards, and Linda’s & Ruth’s? We strolled off uphill into the woods around Horsley, a bright clear night helping us with some spectacular views across the hills and beyond. Daffy & Little Bear were back to have fun, plus Will and Spanish Mistress’s mum June with her delicious banoffee pie afterwards! Lesley had laid a cracking trail over the local hillsides, and we worked hard to find the way, No pain, no gain…….all that food to follow…..mmmmm! Once the BBQ had filled our stomach’s, Wasser proceeded to follow GM’s coughing fit with a crafty play on words, finding fault with all and sundry, whilst giving out the Golden Goblet awards, and the appropriate down down’s following our Worldwide Hashing song. No one escaped his acerbic tongue … the crafty devil!


Our famous Mother Brown has just returned from his family trip to Moscow and St Petersburg on the Volga river….how interesting!  Plus we met Maddie and all the other lovely horses feeding them apples which Andrea had conveniently brought with her. A night to remember, until next year then……splendiferous ! 


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