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April 19, 2011




Tight Git @ The Ewe


Another cracking turnout of Hashers for this one, a bulging car park of enthusiasts arrived in anticipation of something!  Tight Git took us all on a saunter round Thames Ditton, some clever little bits, which some people remarked they had not seen before!  Hidden footpaths, well chosen, every bit of green woodland was found, and some tricky check back’s were in order, and ended with a stroll through Esher Common, and On In back across the golf course to the pub.


Excellent job done Tight Git!  Spanish Mistress even appeared at the end right next to the pub, and said, ‘Where do we go next?’   …she was lost in all the excitement of the moment.



Wasser & Nickers @ The George and Dragon


Another mighty gathering in the car park in this pretty little village. Wasser & Knickers took us off down some back alleys and away we went. Was like a virtual property website as we ran past house after lovely house.  Some nice trail tonight, through down to Molesey, past the river Mole back up to Imber Court and across into Thames Ditton village.


The pub was besieged with football fans for the Chelsea v Man Utd game Plus a jazz band at the back, so we came out the front.  Publican very kindly laid on lashings of chips and bangers for our hungry delight and John’s other Arf…..Maxine cooked a delicious light fluffy Chocolate cake that was gobbled up, some were even heard to have had 2 portions!


Another cracking Weybridge get together….On On…..to the next!  Linda, Mark & Giles & Neil arrived late, food nearly gone, but it was great to see them too!



Butt Plug @ The Bell


Butt Plug’s first for Weybridge hashers!  Poor Ding a Ling forgot to change into his running shoes for the off quickly diving back into his car. We set off onto the green stuff immediately, and then into the tees and greens of Sunbury Golf Club, borders of, then off into Upper Halliford, fields galore and every opportunity was taken to put us on the green or brown stuff.


Nicely, into Shepperton, near the river, off round Sheep Walk Lakes, which is a Surrey Wildlife Trust Reserve for a whole variety of rare birds, yes indeed!  Back into the pub, which was like someone’s house, just in the middle of a residential street.


Butt Plug passed with flying colours, much flour, others note, and a delightful trail everywhere and nowhere baby, very enjoyable! Here’s to the next one he does… Good to see Great Bear back after his Birthday cold….achoo



The Great Bear & Neil @ The Regent


Yet another healthy gathering of happy souls turned up for this one.  We set off through the Church footpath, into the back streets of Walton, a good trail taking in every little footpath going.  Some nice green recreation grounds to run across, back through the sumptuous private grounds of Ashley Park, and through the wooded area behind Homebase.


Then we were off towards the river Thames for a nice run back along the riverbank, under Walton bridge and along past Walton Marina.  Some Sea Cadets on the other side, who we thought were barracking us, were in fact barking marching orders at each other!  Nice Weatherspoon’s pub, used to be a cinema, back in the day now providing value for money range of beers and cracking food too!


All happy bunnies this week.



Calamity @ Waitrose Car Park


Well, peeps, a bit of history for you, Goldsworth was first recorded in 1229 and probably relates to a find of gold coins, at that time.  Also much more recently in 1920, there was a large find of flint tools, supposedly from the ice age period, no less.  Hashers fit and stiff, Golden Balls says so anyway, set off round every conceivable road in Goldsworth Park estate, built in 1974, we had a nice lake to run round, plus vast floodlit astro hockey pitches, played on by Cathy.


New visitors tonight, Harley, he has one you know, an XR1200!  Tall Dutch guy, works and lives in Aberdeen, he thought Surrey was very flat, well we best recommend him to Surrey Hills.  Also Dave from Woking, a very long way away, persuaded his swarthy brother Steve to run with us good to see them both!


We even came across a Mink Farm, with signs for ….Please keep your dog barking under control never easy that one, is it?  A certain Jeremy suggested…..’something for the Weekend Sir?  indeedy….Calamity was anything but tonight, conjuring up interest a plenty on route, in what is traditionally known as poor fodder for us quality runners, used to glorious trails across Surrey ’s delights! Cracking work.



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