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October 18, 2011



Lunchbox @ The Wheatsheaf


Darker nights are looming fast, means Hashers not turning out in big numbers. Just a smattering of ten hardy souls tonight, nine of them men……surprise surprise even though a lovely clear night for running. Great to see Daffy & Little Bear back with us again this week cheery as always, bless them. Lunchbox did his job well, tricking us when we thought we were going into Nonsuch Park, and on virtually every other clever check too, the pesky varmint! Much checking by all, otherwise, here till next Tuesday!


Did you know ?......The Little Park of Nonsuch   as Henry VIII used to call it, in the 1540’s, was his personal deer hunting park. The Wheatsheaf pub has stood on this site, opposite the Hogs Mill river since….wait for it……..1456……only 555 years ago!! On on, till our next visit to this cosy little nook.   



Tight Git @ The Monkey Puzzle


12 good men turned up for this one, plus 2 ladies Spanish Mistress & Naked Chef. Our hare sent us up into the woods alongside the perimeter fences of Chessington World of Adventures, no Dale Farm travellers in sight!  We moved on, ever upwards, up market in fact, landing in Claygate where the door knockers say hello to you, and electric garage doors wave at you!


Farmers calling the police, not withstanding, we continued our journey torches a plenty, through clever winding footpaths, after Tight Git had tricked us again and again, clever hare this one.  Proud Spanish Mistress, told a tale, she said she has run so hard, that she had grown BALLS on her metatarsals…what a man!...woman I mean! Our adventures took us through Churchfields Rec (Anna B, please note) and Crayke Hill, no viewpoint was missed.  Our reward for our very good checking, was platefuls of chips, from our generous hare, which were gobbled up eagerly. Great Bear Rupert, we are pleased to hear is recovering from a muscle tear and was able to run freely tonight, good news indeed.  See you next week!  Don't miss out on the fun!



Spanish Mistress and Mark @ The Jolly Farmer


A good group of nearly twenty runners arrived for our latest evening adventure, into the woods of Whitmoor Common and surrounds. A site of specific scientific interest, must be the rare sight of Weybridge Hashers sprinting to and fro, amongst the trees, in this nature reserve.  Poor Ding a Ling got lost ….a lot on the way to the run, but redeemed himself by finding quite a few checks. Guests tonight were Mary from North Hants, a daytime runner mainly on account he cannot see in the dark!  Proving the point whilst falling headlong into a little stream and ditch near the on in. Also a keen runner from South Korea , Hanmin joined us and enjoyed it a lot !


Point to note……checking has improved, more people are helping find our trail…….GOOD ! Mark and Spanish Mistress provided us with a delightful run, going everywhere with forests and heath land, even getting a herd of cows to stampede for our enjoyment…..Lucky Sarah wasn’t here. Pub grub was …..well…..mountains of yummy chips…..THANKS Hares…most generous of you both. Lets come here in the Spring too…



Naked Chef @ The Rose of York


A goodly gathering in the high class surroundings of The Rose of York half way up Richmond Hill. Hare sent us straight up a steep incline towards Star & Garter home for injured servicemen. Then off we go into Richmond Park...yippee! Lots of green bracken and ferns springing up, some with deer sleeping inside them.  We got a bit lost here and there, but the Full Moon welcomed us at every turn. Over to Sheen gate, even before tracking back, and then alongside the millionaire’s houses outside the park.


Naked Chef found a very clever trail through some woods, we have not used before, excellent even though someone had tried to rub out even grain of flour she laid on the public footpaths! Winding through the back streets of Richmond , up to the top of the Hill again, passed through the gardens and naked statue of the infamous Aphrodite or ‘Bulbous Betty’ as she was known in the 1950’s apparently, and a quick nod to Mick Jagger & his ex Jerry Hall’s house before descending down the many steps to the pub. Poor Triple Pixie Trace, got lost coming home, and Louise kindly went to find her, and one was going up the hill, while the other came down…..hey ho….everyone made it in the end.  



Hands on@ The Red Lion


Dark nights and lower temperatures should not in any way deter hardy Hashers from the delights of Weybridge Hash on a Tuesday night! Hands On created a delightful run, taking in Cheam Park and Nonsuch Park to great effect, even though the pack numbered just SEVEN, come on, where are you?! Daffy, Naked Chef, Cathy, Dingaling, Agent Provocateur, Great Bear & our Hare, that was it. Twenty to twenty seven, each week in the Summer, was more like it!


Get in your cars and DRIVE Hashers, you missed out here!  Sausage had the cheek to stroll up, only for drinkies in the pub, what a nerve. Only his sense of humour saved him from the stocks. Suitable financial bonuses were paid out, as appearance money for these hardy Hashers turning up tonight Ho ho………could be YOU next time.


Don’t miss out on your Winter Fitness campaign with Weybridge Hashers! Forget the gym, it’s boring indoors, so come and join us next week.


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