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June 15, 2010



Run 1360        Sausage @ The Four Horseshoes                                                                              18.05.10

Report to follow...


Run 1361        Naked Chef @ The Park Tavern                                                                               25.05.10

Well, a most amusing night for all, methinks, off to The Park, surprise there!!  Then, a little jaunt up the Eiger …to warm those thighs, it worked for some, I was quite exhausted at the top and then I realized only Mark, Matt & I were up there, everyone else was walking up.


A lovely trail meandering across the park, overstepping roots and branches, then a lovely surprise , after passing The famous Isabella Plantation…………………..Naked chef   scuttled round and back inside…. little devil , get in.  I thought we had arrived in Tasmania, or was it Alice in Wonderland, so beautiful were the plants, Spanish Mistress expanded my brain cell to include different species of Rhododendrons & Azaleas for me.  Then I nearly fell over when she said she had NEVER been in here before, ahem…….


New hasher guests arrived, Jo from hockey, then a man with a sense of humour….Fat Bastard who proceeded to walk the run, but arrived in style as I told him to park in the next road to the pub, he said… might as well go all the way home…he lives round the corner!


Fly by night, was so lost in her garden for the day, she almost forgot to come for the run, then had to do it on her own, get organized girl!  Anyway, fun was had by all, Sausage has definitely been down the Tanning Shop again, and Matt needs his thighs stretched, no surprise there……  Well done Naked Chef…….delightful…On On


Run 1362        The Great Bear @ Stephen Langton Pub                                                                01.06.10

Report to follow...


Run 1363        Fish’n chips @ The Dukes Head                                                                                08.06.10

A delightful setting on an English country green.  Fish’n Chips had created a nice route round the farms and fields, and we all enjoyed it a lot.  A bonus drink stop was laid on by Herself, very kind sips of red wine and nuts were gobbled greedily down.


Having risked life and limb, Fish’n Chips had bravely set the trail close to a herd of cows, with some young calves I think, so they told her where to go, and she went!  Unfortunately over a style and banged her eye, but fortunately no lasting damage.  Some of us missed out the cows, and came in the road route, as dogs were in tow.  New Hashers joined us, namely Rob alias Gazelle, dressed as an All Black plus Debbie as Too Posh, not quite sure of the story there, we will have to find out.


The more the merrier, of course!  A lovely summer’s run Anna!  Well done.


Run 1364        Headley’s Hounds @ The Stables                                                                             15.06.10

A bright clear night and a beautiful setting to start our run from The Stables.


Headley's Hounds set a fine run mostly off road with varied terrain.  Lots of woodland and bridle paths and back just gone nine.  Back at the stables Mr Headley certainly produced some fine BBQ snorkers and burgers!! we could see the smoke signals from Shere Rd.  Fish n Chips managed 3 burgers in one bun - but luckily no-one noticed except Tosser who was left with only a solitary sausage for sustenance. The beer with came with an honesty box - but who's going to admit to drinking.


Ding a ling was telling us about his involvement working with a fashion magazine - well, said FRB, "you would never have thought, judging by what you are wearing"!!!  She did have a point, DAL was wearing orange shorts, brown Tshirt, blue jumper, black socks and white trainers.  Better still, Daffy was sporting a dodgy Hawaiian shirt.  Sausage missed the run but turned up for the ........ sausages!! And 'Ard on Pro was just here for the beer!!


It was good to see Ali's new born, Eloise - who unfortunately is underage for down downs of the non milk variety.  The AGM was a roaring success - no change of committee as there were no nominations.  Nickers offered to stand down but was refused as there were no replacement volunteers!!  Sounds familiar - same regime as Zimbabwe! non! May have to change Tosser's name to Mugabe!


The Awards went to most prolific hares, Spanish Mistress and Mark. Pigpen came into that category as well with 5 runs to his name but wasn't there to receive his honours. Other awards included Daffy for his recruitment drive around Belmont Prison, Fish 'n Chips for kindness to cows and Great Bear for a marathon exploration around Friday Street.


Many thanks for Tosser's speech and organising AGM.  Well done Headley Hounds for a great hash and BBQ.



Many thanks to Little Bear and Hands On for these



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