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February 15, 2011


Run 1395

Call Girl @ The White Swan


At first there was no one there, but then they all arrived in a rush, all 20 of them, expecting another Weybridge Special, and they were not to be disappointed!  Golden Balls, all smiles, Pickled Fart, all piles, sorry, and the gentle giant Bumburner, who normally runs with Barnes, a warm welcome!


Call Girl has set many runs for other Hashes, and it showed She did not disappoint, giving us a merry dance, via Historic Houses gardens, riverside ambles, and then across Richmond Bridge round Richmond Green , hello David Attenborough ….. cleverly back across Twickenham bridge, with lovely little paths along the way, plus a delicious cup of warm mulled wine on the banks of the Thames no less , at the end, On On….Birthday Girl on Thursday!!


The White Swan was ever friendly too, dog bickies for our three, Sam, Arnie & Jack and chips to boot, for all , hurrah ! We will be back.


Run 1396

All up Front @ Oxshott Sports Club


A spectacular turnout of 25 members of Weybridge Hash and friends for Burn’s Night,  must be the temptation of the food for all.  Karen even flew in especially from Oz, just to see us, and Linda & family too!  Daffy dressed up, resplendent in his tartan gear, and orange wig to boot.


The trail by All Up Front was a cracker, taking us everywhere round the back roads and alleys, any which way that led us into the splendours of Oxshott Heath, all manner of trees, Oak, Beech, many Silver birches straining to the skies and Scotch Pine too.  Did you know … Queen Victoria bought Oxshott Heath in 1882, and gave it to her son The Duke of Albany.  Esher Council bought it from the Crown in 1923 for the princely sum of £300.


We were treated to a delicious Haggis, with neaps and tatties too, which on a cold frosty night went down exceedingly well, thank you to the Chef!   A delightful night for all.  On On


Run 1397

Morris @ The Plough


Another cracking woodside Hash, I did notice a distinctly sauntering style tonight, perhaps it’s the Winter laid back blues slowing us down.  Anyway, welcome to another Virgin Hasher, Dave from Woking, who found us on the Net nice to meet you and see you again!  We were like a pack of 20 dogs; every tree in Horsell Common was run past by our Merry band!  Calamity was fun, she said ….standing at the roadside…’ I cannot hear a sausage’ …so there you have it!!  Many tree roots tried to trip us up, but we triumphed again.


Morris did well, laying an interesting trail, flour aplenty to find, and somehow we kept the pack together, without losing anyone.  Grand Master was keen, good to see, sharp humour always at the ready!  After in the pub, there was a lot of giggling going on in the corner, must be Cathy & Malcolm again, plus other contributors…….Spanish Mistress??


Run 1398

Sausage @ The Victoria


Yes, another good gathering came to enjoy Sausage’s run round the private roads of Woodham and the streets of New Haw plus a nice bit of Birch Wood to go through at the end.  Carolyn returned to us again, back since late Autumn, plus new boys David and Neil too. Great Bear turned up, good to see as always.


Our group got spread out a bit too much, but all survived, some nice hidden footpaths and alleyways through the private estates, beautiful trees.  A clear starry night was very enjoyable to run on.  The Victoria was very welcoming; landlady cooked us chips, even though kitchen closed at 9pm.  Ian was back with us, plus his son Alex, both giving their best out there, try and come and see us more often, you are very welcome!


Linda was full of laughter tonight, cheering souls everywhere.  An interesting Kiwi trail was enjoyed by all.


Run 1399

Spingo @ Dorking


Everything started well enough. The weather turned fair in time and even if the car park on the right of Church Street was full there were still spaces on the opposite side. A goodly crowd of cross dressers was gathered there, together with some straight dressers of both sexes (they’re the ones who are the right shape to wear a dress or the ones who just didn’t bother, if you see what I mean). A smattering of displaced OCH3 were in attendance to swell the ranks, such is the repute of the fair Hare.


Just before 8 a smart Merc pulled into the car park, easily mistaken for our overpaid treasurer, Sausage. Desperate Dan, resplendent in flowing miniskirt (he really does need a wax job on those legs), helpfully moved the crowd out of the way and directed the driver to the last remaining parking slot. A rather bewildered driver subsequently emerged remarking that the last thing he expected in Dorking was to be helped to park by a man in a dress. Obviously not a local.


Punctually, as the church clock chimed 20.07, the pack galloped off hailing one another merrily. Across the park, onto Ashcombe Road and then out towards Denbies. There were those who evidently thought Spingo was going to treat us ill and take us through the darkened slopes of the vineyard. Off they went checking in that direction but the more savvy took the path round the edge which is where the trail went. What a quagmire. A slipping, sliding, slithering pack negotiated the hazard with many an oath or foul word. David, the almost Virgin hasher, made it to the end before sprawling gracelessly at the last fence. Well, it saved giving him a Down Down after the run, I suppose, or it would have if we did that kind of thing.


Anyway, enough of this waffle. The run crossed the A24, past Pixholme Mill and on to the Cockeral roundabout. At this point there was a trickle of dissidents sneaking off following more direct routes back to the car park while the hare led those other loyal souls a merry dance around the backstreets on the south side of the town.


And so back to the pub, run by Desperate Dan’s son, with a very reasonable drop for £2.90 a pint. Obviously takes after his father in wanting to protect the drinking man’s pocket. Spingo may not have been able to line up chips but the men were bestowed with red roses and the ladies got sherbet hearts instead. All in all, a jolly little jaunt and thanks to Spingo for her traditional St V escapade.



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