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September 13, 2011



Ruth & Alan @ Chobham Rider


Well, we had a right Summer knee’s up, on a clear, just after Full Moon night, starting with a delightful run through Chobham Common, which the joint Hares had managed to find a lot of new terrain hugging the river Bourne, at every turn, superbly hidden pathways, and farmers fields a plenty to gallop through. A pack of 20 runners set off, and although Wasser and Len got lost sadly at the end they returned safely in time for the most delicious picnic, a la table and pickup truck. Bread & cheeses to choose from, tomatoes, cucumbers, and poor Ding a Ling could not keep away from The oh geez I just gotta have it…New York Vanilla cheesecake Ruth made, so yummy, he had another piece! Spanish Mistress had also baked a delicious sort of apple pie thing….mmmm THANKS to all the kind cooking…….we OWE You.


Ps…guest tonight was No Nookie from Surrey or Guildford Hash; she actually asked if she could give us money in the car park!!! I said surely we pay you, don’t we??? Ranger Boy Steve gave us the delights of new plants to know, Yarrow, a native wildflower renowned for its healing properties, used to treat soldier’s wounds, and stem nosebleeds too, very good then. Also, another was found, Tansy or Golden Buttons is its other name, a garden herb, used for purifying the blood, and even used in baking, and a third, less useful, Himalayan Balsam, which was hugging the streamside everywhere. Spanish Mistress promised to lay on a few French Tarts for Ding a Ling and Steve ……we will hold you to it! A cracking night for all. 



Golden Balls @ The Barley Mow       **Gunga Dick memorial run **


This is the third of Gunga’s memorial runs, and they have been very well supported Surrey & Guildford hashers everywhere to talk with.  Tonight, Popeye, Lord Raleigh, Jailbait, Gurney, Graham and most important of all, dear Sarah, one of Gunga’s daughters who came along with her dog Patch, very nice to meet you Sarah!


Golden Balls set us off, on the reverse way round to how this run has often been, and much better for it. We entered every park, and all the green spaces there are in Hersham, plus crossing the Walton Viaduct. A jolly pack sauntered round on a drizzly night, but spirits were high, two other dogs were dragging their Masters round. A very enjoyable night, only tempered with the 15 minute wait for a drink at the bar, plus quality beers were in short supply too, a point noted by the Hash. We send our best wishes to Dear Gunga….You will be missed!



Ard’ on Provacteur @ The Edmund Tylney


A goodly gathering of thespians turned up for this jaunt round the backstreets of Leatherhead, and green pastures were indeed found, wooded too!  Sausage brought Chipolata along again to keep the fitness theme going in August. Much checking back and forth was needed as we found our way through darkened copses, torches now at the ready. Ard on Provocatuer did well, with not much green to work with. Things moved on a apace in the pub, Chipolata was considered too young at 15, even with a soft drink, because it was after 9pm, so he had to leave, otherwise we could not be served!


…….Did you know ?    Edmund Tyney was the Master of The Revels 1579 – 1610 to Queen Elizabeth 1, and James 1 of England, and in fact licensed 30 of Shakespeare’s plays most of them, in fact. William Shakespeare even came to Leatherhead to meet him on some occasions. 432 years on, a question of licensing is still the name of the game here!  On on



Calamity @ The Wheatsheaf


We set off initially into the Town centre, to Pig Pen’s surprise, before then disappearing off into the woods, on to Horsell Common delightful as ever. Did you know Horsell Common Preservation Society has recently bought Mimbridge Meadow, with 16 acres of riverside plants to enjoy? Apparently a favourite for Kestrels, which nest in the oaks.


We took in every twist and turn through the grasslands and meadows. Calamity did us proud tonight, an enjoyable trail throughout, hurrah!  This is the place HG Wells and his Martians landed, don’t you know? 830 acres for us to enjoy…… Come and join us all you Hashers!



Sausage @ The Seven Stars


This was Keystone Cops & Laurel and Hardy in one!! Phew ….Sausage regaled us with the news, that he was scared shitless whilst laying the flour, as a herd of fat cows surrounded him. Big, butch Kiwi that he is……no more Mr Macho, more Mr Marigold! Ladies felt very calm after that news, eh Sarah? Next, visitors from Devon, young Claire, fresh out of Uni at Plymouth told us her Hash name was….wait for it……Take Me…Take Me… Given to her by her friends on Facebook….mmmm We welcome her with open arms! Plus No Nookie and The Pro from Madrid were back for more…good.


Said trail was excellent, but injuries galore, poor Dishy Dave ran into a prickly branch, and got scratched, not finding the dark woman he was really after, and chatty Ruth, our super chef of American cheesecake fame, is into a moaning phase her right knee does not want to run anymore, she needs a hunky physio …quick! Then Ace Trace……..she was seen rubbing her shins in the pub, (All comments welcome) in a bit of pain, shin splints here…….calling ….A Doctor in the House? Pig Pen, I am pleased to report, is uninjured this week, sprightly hunk, full of fun, and covered in mud as ever. Then to cap it all, our middle aged runners Tosser and Wasser staggered in half an hour later, completely lost, on the wrong trail, Guildford ’s we think. Boys, best to stay the hare…he did wait for you. Both professing they were JUST taking in the scenery, what was it…Pamela Anderson? ahemmmm. Sausage gets double stripes here for entertainment, plus House chips, scrummy woo …..It’s a cracker!


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