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January 11, 2011


Run 1390

Wally & Honeymonster @ Pendragon Way


Our run tonight was started from Wally’s house in Camberley and off into the wild woods of Deepcut, well luckily there were no evil goblins out to get us in the dark, as we wondered into different directions in search of where to go. Somehow, this interesting run managed to keep all 14 of us together, no falling in ponds or the like.  We were joined by Frimley Lodge Park runners, Simon, Brian, David & Katy plus Golden Balls from Surrey Hash.


Wally & Honeymonster entertained us with their four blobs of flour before you knew you were on trail, or you landed on a straight line of flour, and back you went, entertaining for sure.  Afterwards, a delicious four big portions of squidgy chips, plus beer and soft drinks too.  A welcome jolly gathering this close to Christmas was enjoyed by all, and our Grand Master was on hand to sample the cuisine too!


Thank you Wally & Honeymonster and his whippersnapper of a dog Max, who nearly took a few hands off!


Run 1391

Spanish Mistress & Mark @ The Golden Grove


Report to follow


Run 1392

Great Bear @ The Plough


What a jolly gathering we had!  Runners kept arriving, as we stood chatting with the green in front of us. Early morning start, poor Hash Cash Malcolm, had barely got the duvet off his head !  Chipolata kept prodding him to keep him awake; Louise was able to join us after, with daughter too.  We sauntered off through the streets, locals staring at these fit people.  Delighted to see Tequil’Over back with us again with his horn, plus Peter, aka Dr Death.  Mark & Linda off to France after this, au revoir.


We went through some cracking territory, farms, fields, footpaths, the odd icy patch and lots of cows, and horses too.  Great Bear lived up to his name, continuously tricking us into going the wrong way at the checks must have got some advice from talisman Andrew Strauss …. We went alongside the River Wey, into farmland that had  been for Deer hunting since 1607 indeed and whey hey hey it was , as we were guided home by the river again, a cracking trail that took in everything.


Afters, a very generous Tequil’Over & Lorraine, opened the Peugot boot to a picnic which we had on the Green sausage rolls, salad, prawns in peppers, Blackcurrant cheesecakes, yum! THANKS and best wishes to all fourteen of you all for a Happy New Year in 2011!


Run 1393

Naked Chef @ The Prince Blucher


A veritable feast of New Year surprises, as old hands popped out of the Genie bottle to join us last night.  We congregated by Twickenham Green in Prince Blucher car park.  Martin & Zoe were down from Edinburgh, where they now live with their lovely 16 month baby Luke, Congrats from us all!  9 years ago they started.  Periodical, apt by name, has not run with us since…….wait for it 1993……bit of a lapse there, joined us again tonight….absent minded or what anyway a pleasure, come again soon.


Mr Essex joined us from Phoenix, Arizona where he is based, over here short stay gets his Hash name from a stag do with some Essex strippers, oh yes! Careful…. Woody turned up, plus Steve and Bose, my great mates, plus Wazzer too, excellent. This gentle outing took us all through the back roads to Teddington and was nicely mixed up to enjoy for a Winter road run, early in to a welcoming pub, with chips…thanks Naked Chef!  Fly by Nite managed the bus ride from Surbiton with her Oyster card expired, always on an adventure that one ….Very Happy 2011 to all of YOU!


Run 1394

Tosser @ The Barley Mow


An easy Winter road run for all to savour no hedgehogs, Hogwarts or forests to explore not round here!  Tosser was sadly no where to be seen, but quite a pack turned up to exercise. Alan & Ruth & terrier Jack, keen after their Aussie adventure’s, plus Skylark from London Hash, and Neil, friend of Great Bear, on only his second Hash run, well done!


A good trail was set, all round Hersham, and Walton, spread far and wide leaving some hashers adrift a bit at the end, coming in safely laters anyway!  Call Girl getting excited about her first Run she is setting for our delight next week round Twickenham way!  Oh Er…missus…..



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