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August 9, 2011



Mother Brown @ The Red Lion


Our esteemed Mother Brown laid us a cracking trail, all over Chobham Common Our park ranger Steve was not here to guide us this week, but his brother Dave was as entertaining as ever. Wally brought us some virgin hashers, Paul, his son Hector and Michael, who seemed to enjoy themselves, and I think will be back for more.


The front runners really were front running bastards this week, but everyone tried to keep together, and no one was lost!  Very nice afterwards, some yummy chips kept appearing to ease everyone’s appetites, and all were happy! Thank you Ron!  Did you know the Common was purchased in 1968 by Surrey County Council for £1 per acre from Lord Onslow,  just the 1400 acres that’s all , a mere snip eh?



Wasser @ The Drummond Arms Inn


Showers galore before we arrived, left us with a nice shaggy trek up a steep hill to start then to find it was a false trail!  Aha, we thought, and off into the farmer’s fields we went, and many there were, up and down dales galore, and into Blackheath Common, all 83 hectares of it, apparently nesting for woodlarks and nightjars, we have a few of those in our midst!


Another logger’s paradise tonight, Wasser kept us busy, going to and fro, and a mighty fine route he did create, although the rain sadly washed away a lot of flour between checks.  Guests tonight were Simple from Guildford Hash, also The Pro flew in from Madrid for his usual three months of English Summer, and Pig Pen brought his friend Tracy along, who could certainly crack on a bit, a dash of stamina these cyclists have! Thirteen stalwarts braved the showers for the off, and some made it in before it started again. As the kids say…..Big up Wasser…..a runners’ delight tonight. Well done! Hope the next is as good.



Pig Pen @ The Hare and Hounds


Pig Pen chose, a beautiful mix of landscapes as we were treated to a run through West End Common and then onto the boggy land of Brentmoor Heath, with Scots pine trees and birch lining our route to nowhere!  The Pro was still with us from Madrid, offering directions too, cheeky monkey good on him! Spanish Mistress and Matt were back from near Perpignon, with suntans on display….jealous a bit…oops. Plus Uckarewe joined us again; she was galloping along near the front, yet saying, she’s not fit, fit for what? 


Neil brought his sons Stuart, aka blistered feet but brave enough, and Matt who has foot problems, a very good example, two clever lads too!  Stuart 14, well up on his First World War knowledge and poets too!  Memo to Dad, get them running trainers… quick. Our pub was a nice touch of Lawrence of Arabia, just the seven tents in the back garden then ……nice, and Mother Brown sadly leaving us for Melbourne again, back in Nov! So, what felt like a very gentle army training run, next to MoD land, 1,2,3, 4, to the right…….. Done in true Weybridge Hash style.  On On.



Lunchbox @ The Villagers


It seemed to start inauspiciously, as The Villagers has been closed for a year, so our down down’s after had to be moved to another pub, The Drummond Arms. Suddenly, about a dozen people appeared at once, hurrah!  Lunchbox did his very best, as always, we were sent off into the woods and heathland, Blackheath Common Chilworth Common, and lots of purple heather on the hill sides. Super trail all over the shop, our new young upstarts, Matt & Stuart rejoined us for another gallop and Tracy too joined the posse, a bit of a muggy night, but beautiful to be out running up  and down hills. Sarah was good to see her over the last few weeks.


New hash names have been hereby given, as follows, Tracy is Triple Pixie, Matt is Eros, and Stuart is Genie………enough said for now. We finished up in the delightful garden of the pub, nice spot to be for sure, after our exertions.  A Summer night of spectacular views in The Surrey Hills to remember.  On On….. Did you know Chilworth has been a gunpowder factory for The East India Company from 1625 until 1920?  Boom Boom…….



Worzel @ The Jovial Sailor


Another of life’s surprises last night, we arrived to find a Ford Capri Owner’s Club meeting in the car park, all mint 1984 cars, many in yellow, even a 1973 too, very nice. Marco Van Basten, aka Gary in his orange T shirt even brought his wife and daughter plus two dogs for the walk, of course.


Call Girl back from her holiday, nice to see her back, as always. Cathy cracking on at the front as we set off, through farms galore and in fact through Loveland ’s Copse, Oldlands Copse and even Garlick’s Arch Copse, so there! NEW visitors were John and his daughter Florence, who know Worzel a little bit welcome to our friendly pack, we hope to see you again. Wasser back on trail, from his hols, with a real tan, no spray on. Matt & Triple Pixie, pushing hard too, everyone seems to be getting fitter, very good. A good run tonight , nicely splayed out across the farmlands.



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