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December 7, 2010


Run 1380

Wasser @ The Albion


Quite a healthy group turned up for this bash round the roads of Molesey. Our merry band of hashers bounded along, not going over to the Thames footpath on the way out as I thought we might, but we did nearly touch water nearer the end,  towing the footpath of the river Mole, but deftly avoiding the waterskimming part!


Poor Pig Pen unfortunately had to leave us early, he had pulled a muscle…………careful matron!! We have sent a couple of ladies to accommodate the problem.  Those Oysters do work don’t they, get better soon.  Spanish Mistress spotted a new trick….why no flour between checks We could not answer that one…over to you Wasser.


Anyway, we had a jolly chat around the round table outside and all was well, crisps and all ! On On….


Run 1381

Worzel @ The Wheatsheaf


Report to follow


Run 1382

Sausage @ The Royal Oak


The trail¹ by Sausage* was 50% longer that the rumour he circulated beforehand. The pack was not 50% slower with the Great Bear prancing on his tip toes and Alan & Ruth pulled around by Mr.J.Russel. However all this was eclipsed by Murray arriving in bare legs and a pair of gorilla feetⁿ, saying he wanted to get closer to his nature and perhaps he did. The absence of heel support these offered clearly verified that gorillas don't do hash runs so he started swinging from trees and climbing buildings and calling out a crescendo of “Hoo-Hoo-Heee-Heeee”**.  Back at the pub (which is Pig-pen's localª) he was Hash Named “Hoo-Hoo”. And gorillas do eat chips.


¹ See “Surrey Stroll's After Dark No-one Should Bother With”, Naff Hill supplement

* Land of the Long White Cloud Refugees, 1988

ⁿ Foot Note: black and sprout hair in the late evening

** See the Jungle Books – Silver Backed Thumpers and Swingers

ª Pre-Camra History of Courage Establishments, 60's edition


Run 1383

Daffy @ The Wych Elm


Rain and wind abated, for Weybridge Hashers to descend on the alleys and footpaths of the back roads of Kingston. We were greeted at the end of every new alley by a friendly Hobgoblin who looked like Daffy……… every time, strange!


Our journey encompassed Norbiton, the Fairfield and right on through Kingston marketplace, under Kingston bridge and the lovely line of oak trees by the Thames, superb even in the gathering gloom.  Now, into the tavern, we should not have been surprised, as Daffy laid on his usual sumptuous supply of spicy sausages in chilli sauce and hoola hoop plate loads of tasty chips. Gluttons were a struggling to eat fast enough, no guilty parties here!


Twelve hearty souls who braved the windy night were well rewarded. Top drawer Daffy!  Get well soon, flybynite xx from all of us.


Run 1384

Claire @ The Cricketers


Yet another magical night for Weybridge Hashers.  A merry band gathered in the car park, the Hare sent us off into a myriad of narrow alleyways and footpaths around Addlestone, New Haw and Ottershaw.  As we careered off into the night, with clocks gone back, poor Dingaling had forgotten his torch, but was in keeping……. with the Prince of Darkness wearing his red horns and red tail to celebrate Halloween ! Alan & Ruth brought their dog Pierce for a trial runout, but got tangled in the undergrowth, poor thing. Claire took us all on a very interesting trail, virtually all off road and Mother Brown even showed us a house his sister used to own, as we neared the finish in Ottershaw. Pub bound, Spanish Mistress tempted us with pumpkin pie topped with pecan nuts a delicious topping, and then the chips came! Matt needs a top physio to hone that body of his into painfree mode, he deserves it, any takers? A top night even with the pub quiz in the background…..


Q…The actress in Basic Instinct who became a star by crossing and uncrossing her legs was? Claire knows all these tracks so well, playing round here as a kid. Tonight ….job very well done!  A buxom barmaid for Wasser to boot!  On On…


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