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6 November 2012




Naked Chef @ The Adelaide


Our numbers swelled as we neared the start, and all bets were off, as to whether we would end up in Bushy Park. Lots of roads beforehand to confuse us a little, but yes, we got into the green stuff, and heather galore. No jumping frogs or baby deer to fall over, but there was some serious bellowing going on, from all the male bucks, looking for females to pleasure! Our pack were a bit nervous, some thought they may get a severe rutting, but luckily all survived…


We got to Hampton Court gate, off out onto the Green, then back in, and over the little bridge by Fisher’s pond we sauntered in the dark. Passing by the cricket pitches, we then tried to get out of the Park, but some gates were closed, but we made it back alive and parched to the pub at 21.21hours, spooky! Our comfy Adelaide was well received, nice big sofa for Pig Pen to sit on and celebrate his FIFTIETH Birthday…….no never….surely……yes…surely!


Sadly no buxom serving wenches were available tonight, but very kindly he brought us some delicious cake!  Yummee!   Well done Naked Chef, a superb run through the undergrowth of Henry VIII’s back garden. Come and join our friendly Weybridge Hashers for your Autumn evening entertainment!



Spanish Mistress & Mark @ King William IV


There are three sorts of run reports, those written before the event, those composed during the event and those written after the event. All have one thing in common, journalistic licence, whereby any resemblance to real occurrences or actual people is purely accidental. This is even more the case with this report, written as it is, more than a day after the alleged happening when all has been confused by the mists of time. It may, or may not have happened at all. One thing is certain. If it did happen, it was a jolly good run.


Whether the C of E is now relying on divine light to illuminate churches is open to conjecture but definitely St. Mary’s was not illuminated either from ground level or from on high. This resulted in several people missing the place all together. One abandoned all hope and went straight to the pub thereby becoming unable to invent a proper run description. Be that as it may, illumination did fall in abundance on the hares who created a run that fell little short of divine inspiration. The weather turned favourable and scarcely a yard of tarmac was included.


Up the hill in intense, woodland induced darkness towards Green Dene. A brief encounter with Shere Road, then back up another hill towards Sheepleas carpark. The hares were ever in attendance, working the pack like a couple of top range sheepdogs worrying the flock along in the desired direction. Somewhere there must have been a light to guide them, invisible to the rest of us, since even to follow their own trail required something beyond the natural. And so back to the church, a consolidated, amorphous mass of hashers in fine fettle with not a short cutter in sight.


Great run, good pub with an abundance of excellent chips and Morris out after a long absence to share such bounty.



The Great Bear @ The Plough


A bulging gathering for this treat in the Surrey countryside. The Leafy suburbs of millionaire’s row was our patch tonight and Great Bear did conjure a mighty fine trail. Twas said by some…….Taking me to parts of Stoke D’Abernon I know, but now I do not recognise? We saw more new fences, than it was possible to in one dark evening, so there! No horses either, they must all have centrally heated garages round here with repeating Eventing Shows on TV for them. Visitors tonight were Matt from Molesey, nice to meet you, and Kelly from Putney who seemed to find the running quite easy……impressed !


Pig Pen was nearly back to his best, after injury, and poor Mary did it again, six months or so since the last one, turned his ankle, poor chap.  Have to slow down boy! Simon was dazzling in yellow … our new Fashionista! The Plough afterwards was very welcoming, too posh for chips, but tres chic never the less.…. 



Lunchbox @ The Prince of Wales


A good turn out on a Winter’s night, full moon beckoning us around the streets of Cheam. Visitors tonight were Top Man, who ran with us years ago, very welcome back!  He is keen to get fit again, we hope so. Also, Angela, a new Hasher, who ran round without any effort, runs quite a lot, methinks. Come back again soon!


Lunchbox rightly had us going everywhere, even up to the borders of Sutton Green, then backtracking cleverly around the streets to head home, via every park, tunnel and railway station in sight….excellent job! Daffy and Little Bear provided much chat and entertainment, as ever. Pig Pen was looking sprightly, injuries in the distant past. Ruth steadfastly walked her way round, as she recovers from her knee op, BRAVO!


Much gossip was had by all, an evening to warm every heart, unless you were a Reading football fan, watching Reading winning 4 – 0, then losing 7-5 after extra time! A jolly night for all Weybridge Hashers, that’s for sure, cheers Lunchbox !



Kung Foo Panda @ The Saddlers Arms


Another big pack turned up for this one! New old boy, Top Man returned again, and Great Bear asked him, ‘Were you stiff after last week’s run ? and quick as a flash he answered. ‘Well, not as stiff as I once was!!’ Well I ask you, what confidence.


Also Molesey Matt was sprinting along, and very happy with all those chips as his reward. We were sent this way and that, another week of running to enjoy, we even had the luxury of running across the 17th century Papercourt Lock, one of the oldest still working in England , then we ran past Papercourt Sailing Club and all wound their way through the footpaths and fields back to the pub. Spanish Mistress and Mark were galloping along at some pace tonight.


Golden Balls, the merry man from Bracknell, was happy as a sandboy tonight, giving Ding a Ling, a right royal verbal bashing.  The publican was extremely generous, offering up ELEVEN bowls of chips for us all, or Neil has bought the title deeds to The Saddlers Arms, per chance?


Much happy gossiping was done, and yet another Super Heroes committee meeting. That’s all folks………..


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