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March 2, 2010



Run 1350 Mark @ The Four Horseshoes,                                                                                         09.03.10

“It was murder most fowl” said Holmes. “Indeed” replied Watson, “but how will we ever find the culprit?”

“Elementary, my dear Watson” said Holmes, lighting his pipe, “Let us start by eggs-amining the culprit’s trail”

“Firstly, we know it was a small peck that met in Chobhen for the run. It was cold, definitely not roasting. So when the peck flew off they were able to follow generous, not poultry, blobs of flour. The FRBs leading and the roost following behind. The run started off-rhode and pretty much stayed there.”

“The trail was well layer-ed with plenty of chicks to keep the peck together and even Nigel was cock-a-hoop when he found the hen-hen. Lots of egg-cellent paths and only a few poulet of mud to dodge. The chicks were cleverly laid. Sometimes the pack turned beak, but nest time they would capon with John Shaw at the front, pullet them along.”

“Then the peck arrived in the high street at the church, getting curious looks from the yolk of Chobhen. But no time for a rest, so it was chooks away and over the zebra crossing, in case there were any carton the road.”

“How very interesting” said Watson, “Then what?”

“Shell I tell you any more Watson?” said Holmes. “Well, despite the best efforts, the hares could not coop the peck together, which was a bit un-clucky and some headed for home. But going down the brood may have been feather than the actual trail”

C:\data\Temp\Sam.bmp“The roost, dedicated peep-le, found trail and capon going. They couldn’t be bantam. But wattle did they find? Was this the scene of the hen-ious crime? But still, it did not make the peck comb to a stop. By now Roo and chef were leading the way, scratching a chick to lead the peck in.”

So well done Mark and Linda. A truly “guilt” edged run. Egg-tremely pheasant and definitely one for the albumen.

“But who was the culprit Holmes?”

“Has anyone seen this dog lately?”


Run 1351 Calamity @ New Haw,                                                                                          16.03.10

When is a figure of eight not a figure of eight? A great enigma and discussions on this may rage for as long as WH3 has bodies to argue it. But first, the run. To some the printed word will always be a mystery. Hence it was that at 8pm the car park of the White Hart included a number of confused would be runners searching for flour. That it happened to be several miles down the road at New Haw Broadway where the run started did finally become clear when somebody read the directions. That bunch having been happily reunited with the main body of literates, the run proceeded in one of Calamity’s typical, thought provoking saw toothed progressions. Back checks, forward checks, left checks right checks, they were all there. Down to the canal, back across Woodham Lane (where one hasher who should have been in the know declared loudly ‘But I know where it’s going’ and lead a large hunk of the pack off in the wrong direction) and, by various contorted routes, into Woodham Park Road. Now this is where it got clever. Up the road to a check. No flour down the footpath to the right: solution, straight on for a big loop round and back on to the footpath where flour had magically appeared. The flour then took us down the opposite side of the road and back on in. So, the enigma. Since the flour was on opposite sides of the road, does the run constitute a figure of eight?

Submit your answers no later than 23/03/10. Terms and conditions apply. Parental approval must be obtained.


Run 1352 Morris @ The Castle,                                                                                            23.03.10

Report to follow....


Run 1353 Flybynyt@ The Woodies,                                                                                     30.03.10

Why does it always rain on me, missing miss Dhal and a repeat of Prof Brian Cox on TVeeeee. Yes you guessed it hashing in the wet around the delectable backstreets and woodlands of Ottershaw. True to form, Dingaling arrived by the skin of his teeth for the on off. Despite the yards of mud and the deepest of puddles turning newly scrubbed shoes brown an amazingly clever run venturing not far from the pub had the local knowledge foxed by the endless choice of footpaths. Down Sunnyside lane for the On In, the dirty dozen reconvened near a real log fire, Addlestones cider and real ale. That's what I call mood food.


Run 1354 Wasser @ Coronation Hall,                                                                                  06.04.10

A cheery group of Weybridge regulars turned up for this Towny run round suburbia.  Wasser has been practicing his back alleys well If this run is anything to go by.  A lovely meandering run, which you never knew where it was going next!  Couple of nice surprise visitors, one Knickers, able to fit us in between flights these days I never know whether she is Egypt or Australia or Majorca or is it Madeira …lucky lady!  Skylark flew in too, eagerly wandering off checking along with me, I am getting fitter, running hard this week all the way round.  We wandered towards the Fairfield, then cleverly missed it, back streets onto Cambridge Road, Kings Meadow football stadium and then I remembered the cut through, clever move through Berrylands, and hugging the roads near the railway line


As we set off under Berrylands station all the way back to Villiers Road and then up Surbiton Hill and home down the other side.  Superb Wasser,   one of your best, and generosity …no bounds too…Hashers eagerly lapping up FIVE bowls of delicious chips all from the Great Man himself………………and no Tosser in sight…..what did he miss!


Here’s to the next…..with a little more flour that’s all.




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