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March 6, 2012




Lunchbox @ The Wheatsheaf


Darker nights are looming fast, means Hashers not turning out in big numbers. Just a smattering of ten hardy souls tonight, nine of them men……surprise surprise even though a lovely clear night for running. Great to see Daffy & Little Bear back with us again this week cheery as always, bless them. Lunchbox did his job well, tricking us when we thought we were going into Nonsuch Park, and on virtually every other clever check too, the pesky varmint! Much checking by all, otherwise, here till next Tuesday!


Did you know ?......The Little Park of Nonsuch   as Henry VIII used to call it, in the 1540’s, was his personal deer hunting park. The Wheatsheaf pub has stood on this site, opposite the Hogs Mill river since….wait for it……..1456……only 555 years ago!! On on, till our next visit to this cosy little nook.   



Naked Chef @ The Angel


A freezing night, minus two, but Weybridge Hashers are made of stern stuff, and turned up, in quite some numbers! Hurrah... Off past Thames Ditton Green, into the back roads of the village, and Weston Green then some nice village footpaths, and through the churchyard, no ghoulies there thank God!


Off towards Surbiton, nearly, and then back round via Hinchley Wood to the pub, very nice on a very frosty night. The pub had a curry night, but we were a bit late for that, no matter Naked Chef had conjured up plentiful supplies of hot chips to warm our souls.  Thanks a lot!  Wasser was very pleased too, the pub being just a few hundred yards from his front door. Tosser was on good form, telling Ding a Ling he was not available to make the ever popular Pantomime in Kingston at the weekend! No matter GM, lots of others did. The Angel staff gave us a good end to our evening’s athletics.



Calamity @ The Black Prince


Did you know ?.......’Haw’ is an old word for lock gate, and it is possible that New Haw developed following the installation of the ‘new’ lock gate in 1653 near The White Hart pub. Well, tonight Calamity gave us a very detailed detour round all parts of Woodham, and New Haw, Hoyt Wood & Birch Wood plus almost dipping into The Wey canal on the way in!!  How much do those houseboats cost?  Wood burning stoves as well.


Some enthusiastic young lads joined us again, namely Stuart & Matt, aka Genie & Eros, eagerly sprinting about was the aim, but Genie got a bit bored with that, he’s best at talking!  Eros is the athlete round here…… Alan & Ruth were back out, pounding the streets, all in the best possible taste! Plus fitness boy George, taking his pain, and Simon too. Great to see All Up Front leading the pack again, an example to aspire to, for sure. Calamity laid on lashings of chips in the warm pub that was very welcoming, and Worzel even offered to put back the furniture as was, but the lady Publican was having none of it, ‘I’ll do it she hollered’’. A nice night out for sure, for all, a cracking trail Calamity, well done!  On On folks, tis Spring soon…….and the crocuses are coming!



Tosser @ The Plough


Well surprisingly, Byfleet has a long and rich history, going way back to The Bronze Age thousands of years ago, and even in The Doomsday Book, the whole village was valued at just £4….!! However, Tosser gave us a delightful trip round the area, covering parts other beers have not reached! We did go across the M25, much green land was cleverly found, Dodd’s Wood, Tins Wood & Old Wood were covered, and a healthy pack of 20 plus turned up for this one. New guy Mike joined us, and Mary also back with us again, eyesight still minimal, but does he care…..not one jot… He’s up for anything…. Steve, our Ranger came minus his running shoes, and had to clomp round in heavy walking boots, well done sir!


Pig Pen had his macho pin up status questioned, his error? Wearing some new WHITE Nike trainers, a little dubious, for sure. Linda & Mark retuned from Perpignon, but made the error of arriving late, and so had a tough journey, certain checks were not marked through…erhmmmmm. Anyway, we had a good laugh in the pub as always. See you next week!



Ding a ling @ The Wheatsheaf


Nigel’s Only Country Run Almost Perfect

To be fair, it was not Nigel’s only country run. There have been others but not for a long time and perhaps not quite so off piste. The run didn’t actually start from the Wheatsheaf, by which device the Hare artificially shortened his Tarmac Time. However, he did kindly show us to the actual start ½ mile or so across the green by the church (and thoughtfully returned to lay flour all the way from the pub to the start for any latecomers). Thereafter it was but a short trot down the tarmac to the Mole where the greenery started. Along the river to West End and onto the common. Across that common and onto Esher Common, then to be followed by a traverse of Arbrook Common, into Arbrook Lane and finally a shortish gallop from the Swan back to the Wheatsheaf. A barmy night, a clear trail with a goodly number of checks got all and sundry back in not much more than an hour despite having got a bit strung out at times. There were the inevitable short cutters and social dropouts but they got back on time too. All in time for a very generous feast of superb chunky chips from Dingaling and chockie cake to celebrate M. Brown‘s advanced years.


And why the only “Almost Perfect” title? Genius always gets its jealous detractors.



Ruth & Alan @ The Golden Grove


Tonight’s cosy little pub setting did not deter a large gathering of Hashers keen at the start anyway, on this nippy, moonlit night. A paradox of virtues were on display, No Nookie joined us again from Surrey Hash, and Call Girl too, our very own Weybridge Hasher managed to turn up, even though she had to be up at 6am tomorrow, welcome the pair of you!


Our journey started upwards into St Ann’s Hill, and continued upwards nearly touching the moon, then down, then up, some were in need of oxygen, on this heady trail. Much getting lost in the woods was done, as we were going all over the ramparts of an Iron Age hill fortress settlement, no wonder it was steep! A clever route was created by our Hares Ruth & Alan, and we went everywhere and some, before our eventual return come 9.30pm.


Yummy chips were at the ready for our knackered runners, whose faces bore the tale! We will have to get fitter …..On On


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