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April 3, 2012




Lunchbox @ The Wheatsheaf


Darker nights are looming fast, means Hashers not turning out in big numbers. Just a smattering of ten hardy souls tonight, nine of them men……surprise surprise even though a lovely clear night for running. Great to see Daffy & Little Bear back with us again this week cheery as always, bless them. Lunchbox did his job well, tricking us when we thought we were going into Nonsuch Park, and on virtually every other clever check too, the pesky varmint! Much checking by all, otherwise, here till next Tuesday!


Did you know ?......The Little Park of Nonsuch   as Henry VIII used to call it, in the 1540’s, was his personal deer hunting park. The Wheatsheaf pub has stood on this site, opposite the Hogs Mill river since….wait for it……..1456……only 555 years ago!! On on, till our next visit to this cosy little nook.   



Golden Balls @ The Greyhound


Another night of Weybridge Hash laughter and running rippled through the villages around Thames Ditton! Wasser recently returned from Tobago, where his plane was help up for 5 days. He was in amorous mood…a gossip told me he was blowing kisses at a couple of ladies! Indeed Matron! Even Ding a Ling was given a rare hug! Golden Balls, our smiling Hare whose illustrious birthday is tomorrow, was on fine form, clever checks, lots of flour, well-chosen trail through golf course, Claygate Woods, up Telegraph Hill, into Hinchley Wood, then back through Thames Ditton, every bit of greenery he could find.


The astronomers amongst us, were in deep discussion, re the fact that Jupiter & Venus were the closest they have been for yonks… These giants are 450 million miles apart, but because they are aligned in the same direction from Earth, tonight they appeared just 3 degrees apart! My research tells me there has NOT been a brighter, closer conjunction between these two planets for over 2,000 years—17 June, 2 B.C in fact, THAT is how rare it is!!  Scholars at this time indicated Jesus, was in fact no longer a baby in a manger but was a very young child living with his parents, when the Wise Men came to view this conjunction, directly over Bethlehem to the south. We are very honoured indeed to see it again!!  Crisps were the tucker for the night in The Greyhound, eager runners gobbling up everything they could.



Great Bear & Simon @ The Queen’s Head


A very bulging pack turned up for this one, must be because Spring is upon us!  Sarah came to join us again with her dog Patch, plus new girl Belinda from Addlestone, who did very well.  Great Bear & Simon set a super trail taking us to water, water everywhere, very picturesque, starting out and finishing by the canal. We also raced across Chertsey Meads, and many other fields of plenty. Soon, we can run with no torches, hurrah!  Mother Brown, Wasser and Grand Master Flash all graced us with their presence. The Three Wise Men from the East…?  .....Naah, not this time anyway.


Ding a Ling made a complete hash of trying to park his car, until Simon sprinted to the rescue, kindly offering a dubious car park where certain people go. Luckily, tonight they didn’t!! Listen up Peeps, come and join the fun on Tuesday nights!  The Queen’s Head has had a makeover, cosy enough but no chef, no chips this week.



Mother Brown @ The Hare and Hounds


Well, as Coleridge said in his Rhyme of the Ancient Hasher

“All I ask is a clear trail

And a Hare to steer me round”

Or words to that effect. A clear trail, clear skies and a hare mothering us round we certainly had on this, the first of the season’s daylight runs. At least, the run started in the light. A fabulous evening and we were well on our way before torches started to glow.  A goodly pack with several freshmen/freshladies coming back for more.


In keeping with tradition for summer runs, Mother Brown kept us well away from tarmac in a tour of West End common. Heath, hill (Cuckoo Hill specifically. Historically reputed to be where the expression ’Cloud Cuckooland’ originated) bog and wood, it was all there for us. Safely back in the pub in 1hr 10 to chips and the welcoming arms of the publican. If his brush with SH3 a couple of Sundays ago had prejudiced his view of hashers, then he hid it well. Or perhaps his smile was to do with the extortionate price now payable for a pint of beer. 



Glasshopper & George @ The Anchor


A lovely setting, Pyrford Lock on the Wey Navigation Canal. Pyrford derives from the Saxon English… Pyrianforde and means "The Ford by the Pear Tree" and can be traced back to Roman times. We scampered off into the undergrowth, golf courses, and farmers' fields aplenty, we were given a good tour of all the local undergrowth and the close attention of the canal whenever possible, a pleasure to enjoy without falling in.


Visitors tonight again, included Belinda and her friend Andrea, chic and stylish with the headgear and infectious laughter keeping them warm! Plus Sarah and her dog Patch, shot off down the lanes, and much enjoyable running was done, here, there and everywhere. We retired to a busy pub that has now gone distinctly upmarket, unfortunately meaning no dogs allowed, as restaurant food being served, sorry Sarah! On on we wait expectantly for the next super trail to enjoy … A super Summer awaits all Weybridge Hashers and their friends!



Sausage @ The Plough


A bulging pack of 25 enthusiastic Easter holiday runners turned up for this one, all eager to stretch their legs all over Horsell Common. We had some eighteen year olds racing along initially, but tiredness crept up on them from time to time. Visitors were Carl, who unfortunately fell over on his ankle twice but recovered well, also his friend Josh, and Thea and Lea. Sue and Lisa back with us again, and a regular now Belinda, whizzing round!


Mother Brown kindly brought some Hash T shirts for us to choose from with contribs to Hash Funds…thank you! Spanish Mistress spotted Jupiter and Venus again in the beautiful clear night sky…….special indeed. Sausage and Chipolata laid on a cracking run for us all to saviour, much appreciated, even telling us where H.G. Wells’s War of The Worlds was filmed in Horsell Woods. Then……what a story in the pub from his wife Louise, apparently, having brought a Kiwi BBQ back from their trip to Malcolm’s homeland, he built it in the lounge together with giant black hood, rather coffin like in fact, and went to work next day, unawares. Their decorator arrived to paint the lounge, saw it and went home. When asked WHY did you not work?  He said "I am so sorry about the death in the family"!  He had seen what he thought was the dead body, lying in state in the middle of the lounge!!!


Final footnote, thanks to Sausage for the huge portions of chips everywhere, six I think were supplied and gleefully gobbled up by all.


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