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2 October 2012



Mother Brown @ The Castle Grove


A large eager pack arrived for this one. Little did we know what was to unfold!! An hour and 40 minutes later, they staggered into the pub. Tales of people lost in fields of cows, nurseries and forests too. Your reward when you did find flour was to be stung by the countless stooping nettles, very discouraging. A lady told me, the run was crap, too far, and Chobham is boring…. well I am not sure, I felt it was an intricate weaving of public footpaths across fields and farms galore, and nosy cows looking for food. I thought it was a good day run!! Ding a Ling even blew a gasket, having been on his own for an hour, finding all the flour to then get lost near the end, even asking the Coxhill Manor Nursing Home for directions. Let’s just say he made a complete arse of finding the on in!


Inside the pub, tongues were wagging, chips were a plenty, and Steph was telling Buttplug did he REALLY know what his hash name meant?? She said he should read 'Fifty Shades of Grey'. So there…. Agent Provacateur, did not get lost this week, but we noticed he is wearing just sofa slippers to walk in, not good enough protection mate, buy something with cushioned foot support to help you on the trail each week. We noticed the aptly named Super Duper Farm, on our route, for show jumping and eventing! A few local residents asked what we were doing, in the dark, with torches, guess they are getting a bit nervous.


Visitors tonight, were Athens , great to see him again, he’s promised to return in 2 weeks. Tosser and Wasser were on very kind form tonight, must be the happy tablets they are on…



Alan & Ruth @ The Half Moon


A goodly gathering of runners here, in the gloomy early evening. Visitors tonight were Charlotte, who promised to come back with her other half. The trail was a stuttery start, could not get going easily, but choice of paths and terrain was good, we even went into Wisley Golf Club for a run round. Lots of torches in action here, cannot get far without them now, we were keenly shepherded along, our Hares not wishing to have any lost sheep.


Poor Mark had an injured knee, and Great Bear was busy after doling out potatoes to the poor in the car park … very generous of you! Tracie and Matt busy racing along in the dark, very good too. We did all make it back to the pub, and a nice pub too, all done up, the usual one member of staff though. Chips on every table … THANK YOU!


Rumour has it, we have had a new Front Running Bastard these last few weeks, no not Cathy’s twin but an upstart who used to be injured … amazing new fitness levels, must have been training on the Downs at Epsom with the gee gees ... eh Ruth!!   Well done Hares!



Lunchbox @ The Victoria 


Big gathering for this run, must be the reputation of the hare! A good start had us going in completely the wrong way, but we managed to find flour. Lunchbox, you have to start setting the trail a bit earlier, before we arrive if possible. All Up Front & Great Bear back with us—hurrah, plus our newby Charlotte , and Athens …again! Wonders will…..he does not want to miss all the gossip he is learning.


Chinese Whispers has it that Spanish Mistress is working carpenter Mark too hard …he ain’t here. Tut tut.  Oxshott good for long footpaths, and woodland galore, so we enjoyed ourselves tonight. No horses for Ding a Ling to talk to though…pity. Back at the pub, hanging glasses everywhere, we settled in early, soon after 9pm, would you believe it?


Much chatting was in order, plus discussing our HUGE event in January 2013 … Our One Thousand & Five Hundredth run—do not miss it folks—the moon will stop. See you there!



Simon @ The Half Moon


Hello Vindalshum - It's us (again), gloomy in the half moon light and Simon expecting a downpour. However, things improved and the moon out-shone the torches. A fast pack (apart from 'Ardon) (and Ruth who enjoyed the pub nursing her re-engineered knee). Tosser and Wasser appeared at the end. But the big talking point is the loss of the Arboretum - a serious and sad loss to locals and occasional hashers.  


The new regime appears to be taking it down a path of private - public not welcome. So a zippy last minute change to the route and we speed on past. Except Golden Balls not usually so shy and retiring. The hare modestly declared it "an amazingly good run", which for two bags of flour, one of which was used to mark through, is pretty commendable. Perhaps now that he is setting good runs it is time for a handle. Suggestions to OnSec, on a post card, but how about "Zippy (I am Not)".



Sausage & Chipolota @ The Queens Head


A typical English autumnal evening, wet and windy, pretty nice to run in actually, with a big pack turning up. Our Hares, did a grand job, making boring Byfleet, ideal for our now customary pitch black night runs…. Recent regular visitors, Golden Balls back from his mansion in Bracknell to regale us with his acid humour; all with a tempting smile of course…..he’s cool!


Charlotte, now a permanent fixture, tells me she has entered Ironman Triathlon for Sept 2013, Oh boy……..serious endurance training coming up, impressed. Mary was back with us again, bounding along, the bliss of little vision, he was passing a six foot high fence, when up roared the paws of a giant Alsatian, …….tomorrow’s Sun could have been ‘Alsatian feasts on Bloody Mary ’……. but luckily the sturdy fence held firm…..phew…for us too following him! Tosser, Wasser and Sausage were up to their usual tricks back in the bar, waspish humour raining down, get them all on Chatty Man…….Alan will sort them out.


Our route took us literally over the remaining concrete banking of the famous Brooklands race track from one hundred years ago. Did you know…..?    Grand Prix motor racing was first established in Britain at Brooklands by Henry Segrave in 1926 after his winning of the French Grand Prix in 1923, which raised interest levels. Our night was complete when Sausage splashed out wads of cash for chips galore around the tables…..good move!


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